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Shipping Containers - Live savers in Emergencies

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Storage containers have more uses than duct tape. The options are literally endless. One very special way you can utilize your used or new shipping container is in the event of an emergency. You will find that purchasing a shipping container will benefit you in the event of both man-made and natural disasters. You may be asking yourself, how? Keep reading to discover!

Food Storage

In the event of an emergency, food will be a major concern. No matter the type of emergency, it is likely that traditional sources like supermarkets and corner stores will be closed. Staying prepared with a healthy supply of food will keep you and your families safe until things turn for the better.

But why can’t you just use your pantry? The truth is your pantry can only store so much. When you have a family to protect, having a 6 months’ supply of canned foods is enough to fill up 5 pantries, or a small section of your shipping container.

Safeguard Water and Supplies

Now that you have a healthy supply of food, what about water? You can actually survive much longer without food and only 3 days without water. To keep your water safe from the environment and away from prying eyes, a shipping container makes a very logical choice.

You can pack away over a dozen vertical or drum style 100 gallon water tanks in yours sea can along with food and still have leftover space. Don’t forget to get your water purifying tablets to keep your water clean for up to 10 years.

Underground Shelter

Most people think they can just dig a hole, pop in a storage container and instantly have protection from the coming apocalypse. While it’s a good idea, you actually have to consider structural integrity and the acidity of the surrounding soil.

Before you begin digging that hole, consult with an engineer on how to protect your underground bunker from external stress like above ground pressure, rain, weathering, heating, cooling and any other unforeseeable circumstances.

However, once you account for the above situations, you will have yourself a doomsday bunker that can serve as a fallout shelter, protection from fires, tornadoes and man-made disasters that can strike at a moment’s notice.

Hydroponics Laboratory

Many scientists predict that the world’s climate is shifting at an alarming rate. Additionally, economic disaster and long term food shortages can easily wipe out your availability to purchase produce.


containers can be converted into enclosed hydroponic labs to grow everything from kale and tomatoes to squash and beyond.

Well, there you have it. How much longer can you live without a solid plan to help you ride out any emergency you are confronted with? Your family is depending on you to keep them safe.

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