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Shipping Container Grades - How to choose the right one?

Different companies use different subjective grading systems. These grades are typically subjective and are based on visual aesthetics and structural integrity. The Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) is the leading trade association for the container industry who sets the standards for the shipping industry. The IICl certification determines if the shipping containers can be expected to meet the stringent demands of international shipping, therefore its classification system is mostly concerned with structural integrity as opposed to the cosmetic presentation.

New (1 trip)

The best condition available on the market. These containers have taken one trip from the manufacturing factory carrying cargo before they are made available for resale in Canada. This is the best quality on the market and ready for any purpose. Use them for storage, modification into homes, or retails outlets, international shipping, or anything else you project requires. Select this option if the physical appearance of your container is a priority.

Cargo Worthy

Good condition, still meets all requirements for Shipping or Storage. Cargo worthy containers meet all IICL requirements for transporting cargo. These containers will be ideal for most purposes, both transportation, storage, and modification (especially for converting into housing as they floors are generally in a good condition). You should select this option if you need a high-quality container that can be used for any purpose.

Wind & Watertight

Not ready for shipping, but OK for storage or modification projects. Wind & watertight is a term used for containers that are not repaired to a safe structural condition to transportation of cargo but remain wind & watertight. You can chose this option for some types of storage or modifications.


No guarantees, only suitable if you can repair yourself. These units are usually damaged and need extensive repairs in order to be re-used. You should select these if you are planing extensive modifications with large cut outs.

StoreCan only carries New (1 trip) Containers & Used (Cargo Worthy) Containers in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Feel free to reach out with the details of your container project and an assigned StoreCan account manager will help you select the container size, type and condition that is right for your needs.

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